Sunday, February 3, 2013

Students of New York State should have the option to read whatever they want to. It would benefit them more, and make their reading experience more enjoyable. There shouldn't be a requirement on what students have to read. Forcing a genre down a child's throat doesn't help them. In fact, it could harm them. There are a couple reasons for this. First of all, students won't learn as much from something they don't want to read. They may not even care enough to pay attention to the content of the book. Plus, different students learn different ways, and develop differently. It's a teachers job to recognize that, and to educate them based on their specific needs. The ability to read different genres allows a lot of room for kids to learn according to their needs. It's also makes it a lot harder for teachers to do their jobs when they are forced to teach certain curriculum that may not benefit their students. Also, forcing a child to read a genre they don't want to may make reading appear to be a waste of time. Reading a book that doesn't suit a child could discourage them from reading, and may make it seem boring. Reading isn't the most popular entertainment option for students to begin with, so its important to make their reading experiences enjoyable so that they are encouraged to read more independently. It would be a shame to see kids shy away from reading all because they had the wrong book in their hands. So let the kids, parents, and teachers pick what a child should read. That's the opposite of what New York State is doing. They are taking the choice, and sometimes the enjoyment out of reading for students. Plus, they are making it harder for teachers to do their jobs. New York State should consider this, and revise their regulations. That way students learn more while maintaining a positive outlook on reading.

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  1. This is very true. Requiring specific amounts of nonfiction can make teacher's job a lot harder. Plus, it doesn't even help the students.