Sunday, February 3, 2013

Common Core standards Will Lower Student's Interest In Reading

There is a new common core standard and it requires 9th grade students to read 70% nonfiction and 30% fiction material. This standard has many problems with it. If students are required to read what it put in front of them, nonfiction, then they may begin to dislike reading. This results from the dry and boring nature of nonfiction, in that it is not nearly as broad as fiction because it must be true. On the contrary, fiction can contain whatever the author pleases which can allow for a much more interesting and pleasant read.  However, nonfiction is still an important part of literature. So, I think that in the lower grades, like 9th grade, students and teachers should have most of the control over what is read in the classroom. Then, as students progress in their high school career, there could be more nonfiction requirements for students. This would work because most students in the 9th grade know what type of fiction books they like but have not yet begun to find pleasure in nonfiction. Whereas many older students would be open to exposure to nonfiction and if they are open to it, then they would be more likely to see its benefits of it. Overall, the common core standards that are in place right now are detrimental to the students and should be revised.

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  1. I completely agree with this. 9th graders don't have much motivation to read, so finding a good fiction book that immediately appeals to them will make reading more enjoyable for them.